Politically Speaking

I was one of the many that voted on May 7th and the party that got my vote was Labour.

Coming from a Labour voting family I was raised with the values of the party in mind. Growing older I was politically aware enough to form my own opinions on society and culture and through it all I still believe in Labour.

I am a socialist at heart and know there are other parties out there that share a similar political outlook, the Green Party are a prime example. The Greens represent a lot of values I hold dear, as do the Labour party, but knowing the currently unfair voting system and my strong beliefs in what, at its core the Labour Party represent I simply couldn’t go Green.

I have a fondness for the Green Party, as I do with many left wing parties. Britain needs a left wing government in my eyes. A government that will stand for equality, fairness and the voiceless.

But for me, as much as it always has been, that is Labour.

Even though the party I voted for were comprehensively beaten in the general election, and though I awoke with a dark overwhelming sense of bereavement on Friday morning I still believe now is the time for the party to truly rediscover itself. But I am cautious, I hope it doesn’t lose sight of what it stands for in an effort to overthrow the incumbent Tory government at the next election.

I will keep a close eye on the other leftist parties with great interest, hoping for a labour headed left wing revolution.

You can still vote for who you believe in in this country, but unless there is a serious reform to the voting system then parties such at the Greens will always lose out.

Despite being a Labour voter of course I urge people to vote, vote for the party you believe in, protest, rally and commit.

But of course I’m hoping it isn’t a Tory vote.


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